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SNI is a working group that aims to bring together academia and industry experts in Ireland to guide the further development of SDN and NFV technologies for Irish companies.

The main objectives of the working group are to use the experts to:

Share knowledge, experiences, and combine efforts to build proof of concepts, demos and participate in specification and standardization activities.

  • Define SDN and NFV use cases (beyond those already proposed by various standards bodies) and identify and prioritise the requirements which are needed to deploy, manage, and run systems involving NFV/SDN.

  • Identify research challenges, which can be worked on by collaborations with academic members.

  • Put up open NFV/SDN resources that can be used by participating members to build and test inter-operable solutions.

  • To provide information on experimentation results and experiences, definitions, metrics and background research as input to protocol, network, and service design to SDOs and other standards producing organizations such as the ETSI, ONF, ATIS, IETF, and DMTF.

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